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Animal Welfare Guide

Ensuring high standards of welfare within the reptile skins trade is one of SARCA’s key objectives. To do this, SARCA has worked to provide guidance and capacity development to stakeholders in trade in science-based animal welfare practices.


In 2018, in partnership with the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office (SFVO), SARCA published “Welfare Principles for Snakes and Monitor Lizards in the Southeast Asian Skin Trade”. This guide was written specifically for stakeholders engaged in the Asian reptile trade, with a focus on the main snake and lizard species currently involved in the exotic skin trade. The guide is primarily intended to help stakeholders who have no coherent access to the large volume of information and skill necessary for the implementation of Science-based Animal Welfare (SBAW) standards. It provides practical guidance as well as a summary of how the trade currently works and was produced and underwent review by international experts in reptile biology, welfare, and veterinary care.

Download the guidance here


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