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Tropical Leaves

Vision & Mission

The SARCA collaboration is oriented by its vision for a reptile skin trade that maintains wild reptile populations, supports local and national economies, and promotes animal welfare principles. SARCA operates as a technical platform for a multi-stakeholder mission to advance responsible and transparent supply chains of reptile skins from Southeast Asia and drive improvements in the trade’s operating environment.



  • Understand and assess Southeast Asian reptile skin supply chains used by luxury brands;

  • Evidence legal trade, offtake that maintains wild populations and humane treatment of species;

  • Demonstrate good practice labor conditions and operational management in supply chains;

  • Ensure a viable, long-term trade with positive livelihood impacts; and

  • Develop and facilitate collaborative actions and multi-stakeholder engagement to promote sustainable, fair, and humane practices in supply chains, such as capacity building and assurance programs.







27 species of snakes and lizards utilized for skins in Southeast Asia, with a specific focus on China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam - the major exporting countries for reptile skins. SARCA’s core work focuses on the species primarily used in the luxury supply chain, originating from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam:


Python breitensteini, Borneo Short-tailed Python (CITES)


Python bivittatus, Burmese Python (CITES)


Python brongersmai, Blood Python (CITES)


Python reticulatus, Reticulated Python (CITES)


Varanus salvator, Asian Water Monitor (CITES)


Homalopsis buccata (Ayers) Indonesia – (non-CITES)


SARCA has previously carried out studies on Coelognathus radiatus, Radiated Ratsnake (non-CITES) and Chinese Beauty Snake, Orthirophis taeniurus (non-CITES) from China and Homalopsis buccata, Ayers (non-CITES) from Cambodia.

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