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Image by Tobias Mrzyk

The SARCA Team


Associate Director, BSR

EDWINA McKechnie

Edwina is Managing Director of the SARCA collaborative initiative. She coordinates SARCA's work program, provides strategic direction and interfaces with members.


Scientific Director, EPIC Biodiversity

DANIEL Natusch

Dr. Natusch is a conservation scientist specialising in reptiles, wildlife trade, and sustainable resource use. He provides strategic and scientific advice to SARCA and operationalizes several of SARCA's field programs.


Manager, Consumer Sectors, BSR 

LAURA Uhlmann

Laura manages SARCA's outreach and coordinates with members and external stakeholders.

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Technical advisor, EPIC Biodiversity 


Dr. Aust is a multidisciplinary scientist specializing in environmental sustainability and applied herpetology. His work interconnects a broad range of thematic areas linked to the agricultural potential of reptiles. His role is to provide technical support to the Scientific Director


Vice President, Consumer Sectors and Global Membership, BSR

ELISA Niemtzow

Elisa provides strategic advice to SARCA's overall direction and work programme.

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