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SARCA is a multi-stakeholder initiative with the primary goal of sustaining long term trade in reptile species from Southeast Asia through maintaining wild populations, supporting local livelihoods, and ensuring animal welfare.






SARCA is in the process of developing a Responsible Reptile Sourcing Standard (RRSS) for reptiles in the skin trade. The standard covers four modules: business integrity, animal welfare, social responsibility, and environmental responsibility.


We wish to thank you very much for your feedback on the first draft of the first RRSS. The SARCA Scientific team has reviewed all feedback and revised the RRSS accordingly.


The second draft RRSS standards are now open for public comment.

SARCA invites comments on the standards by 6 pm 22 September 2021 (GMT+2).


Previous comments should be reviewed and assessed to ensure they have been adequately addressed by the SARCA Scientific team. If you have concerns, you can leave comments in Column I of the accompanying Reviewer Template and returned

to Laura Uhlmann at For questions related to the Standards or the review process please contact Edwina McKechnie


The following key edits have been made to the RRSS:


The most common theme in the comments relates to strengthening the standards for harvesters and transporters.  However, these supply chain actors are not directly assessed or audited. Therefore, we have moved those standards that relate to those actors to two annex sections in the RRSS, strengthened the requirements (e.g., M --> C) in line with the suggestions, and included additional standards within the main sections that link to those two Annexes.

The above-mentioned change has meant we were able to delete much of the complexity around the RRSS scoring, which has simplified this (which is great).


Extensive explanations have been provided in the response to reviewers column of the Excel spreadsheet. We have taken on board most comments, but not all. If reviewers feel that we have not adequately addressed the comments made then we ask that they reiterate those comments, and where possible please provide specific work-arounds/solutions/ways forward that help address some of our own feedback - and thus help the RRSS become a better product.

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